Heaven’s Solution for Man’s Crisis

As we continue in I Peter we read about the crisis of man that is much more dire than the one we find our selves in today with COVID-19. We read how God has provided a solution and how He had the solution before man even knew it was a crisis.

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  1. Thank you Pastor for this message. This is a great way to put in perspective what is going on in the world with the current crisis (Corona Virus) vs. an even more serious crisis, sin in this world and the need for people to trust in Jesus Christ. Also, thank you Scott for putting all of this together, so the music and message can be brought into all of our homes.

    In Him,
    Pam Weber

  2. We have been blessed abundantly by the message!!
    I took notes, right here in the kitchen.
    And, the songs were just so fitly for lifting our praise to God in worship, adoration, and thanksgiving!!
    Great job, Pastor and Scott!!

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